If your looking for a fundraiser that is easy, effective and raises more funds than you ever thought possible, this is the fundraiser for you!  Our customized platform is built for success, and because everything is done online there is no door to door selling, delivery, or money collecting. Imagine the level of response you will receive when offering a product that people actually want. The Alumni 4 America Savings Network online/mobile app provides supporters access to discounts of up to 50% off, at over 350,000 top tier local and national retailers, for an entire year! Wherever your supporters shop, eat, play or travel, they simply show their phone and save. Every supporter also receives a $100 travel voucher to use towards their next hotel stay. We make selling a breeze! In a matter of minutes hundreds of thousands of your potential supporters can be reached. Participants simply share their campaign link with  all of their family and friends via text, email and/or social media; and because the Savings Network is nationwide, participants can sell to everyone regardless of where they live. We guarantee this will be the easiest and best fundraiser you have ever done. Contact us now. Our fundraising experts are ready to help you raise all the funds you need and more!

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Are you ready to boost member engagement, acquisition and retention?  Studies show an elevated level of misalignment between organizations and their members. This disconnect is due to members not being provided the types of services and benefits they want and expect.  Alumni 4 America provides just that; we guarantee your members will LOVE their new Savings Network online/mobile app. Imagine for a small fee, the ability to provide members access to savings of up to 50% off, at 350,000 top tier and local and national retailers, for an entire year! The Savings Network includes 14 categories, so whenever your members shop, eat, play or travel they will save on things they do every day. To heighten the value, we provide every member a free $100 travel voucher, which can be used towards their next hotel stay. Our 21st century, fully customized, savings network platform provides your members a convenient, high value benefit readily available on their phone enabling them to save hundreds if not thousands and when they do, they will be thinking of and thanking you! Let us show you how easy and affordable growing, re-engaging and retaining your organization's membership can be. Contact us now, our membership experts are ready to make it happen!

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Are you ready to make your company stand out in a competitive hiring market & keep your valued employees feeling appreciated? Alumni 4 America provides a turnkey, sustainable, low-cost way to do just that! For the cost of a bagel and coffee you can provide your valued employees an easy to use savings platform that can be fully customized, and branded with your company logo.  We guarantee your employees will LOVE their new Savings Network Online/Mobile App, with savings of up to 50% off at 350,000 top tier and local and national retailers. Whenever they shop, eat, play or travel they have at their finger tips savings of up to 50% on things they do every day for an entire year; and to add to the value we provide every employee a free $100 travel voucher. Imagine the impact you could make by making a small investment in such a high value online and mobile app platform for perhaps your most important asset, your employees. Every time they show their phone and save they will be thinking of and thanking you! Did you know that 84% of companies see a positive impact on engagement when investing in recognition programs and 56% of employees say they would trade a salary increase for job perks. Let us show you in greater detail why and how Alumni 4 America's Savings Network is the new standard in employee perks programs! 

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Check out this video to  understand the amazing value of our Savings Network...all this and the $100 Travel Voucher is what makes Alumni 4 America 11 million members strong!

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