Give them what they want & expect

 Are you ready to boost member engagement, acquisition and retention?  Studies show an elevated level of misalignment between organizations and their members. This disconnect is due to members not being provided the types of services and benefits they want and expect. Let us show you how easily we  can provide you a members' benefit platform that will not only help your organization grow, but thrive!

Big savings - small price

Alumni 4 America Savings Network goes beyond membership expectations; we guarantee your members will love their new Savings Network online/mobile app. Imagine for a small fee, the ability to provide members access to savings of up to 50% off, at 350,000 top tier and local and national retailers, for an entire year! The Savings Network includes 14 categories, so whenever your members shop, eat, play or travel they will save on things they do every day.  

The $100 incentive

A FREE $100 travel voucher is provided to every member to use on the next hotel stay. Our exclusive travel portal provides the best pricing possible, typically beating other travel booking sites, because we don't take any commission. To add to the potential savings, members are able to purchase additional travel vouchers at 25 cents on the dollar, making it easy to save even more when members travel for business or pleasure, which provides an added incentive to join!

Thinking of & thanking you

Our 21st century, fully customized, savings network platform provides your members a convenient, high value benefit they can use whenever and wherever. They simply show their phone and save, enabling them to save hundreds if not thousands and when they do they will be thinking of and thanking you!   

Customized & fully integrated

Should your organization desire to brand the savings network platform, we are happy to make that happen. Your colors, your images and logo will be integrated on the mobile app as well as the online travel portal. Many organizations feel this is an important advantage we offer to help  engage, develop and strengthen relationships with their members. 

Ready to make it happen

Because we have built our membership platform to be turnkey, your members benefits upgrade can be ready to share in a matter of days. We look forward to showing you how easy and affordable growing, re-engaging and retaining your organization's membership can be. Contact us now, our membership experts are ready to make it happen! 


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