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 If your looking for a fundraiser that is easy, effective and raises more funds than you ever thought possible, this is the fundraiser for you!  Our customized, turnkey, sustainable platform is built for success, and because everything is done online there are no up front fees, no door to door selling, no delivery required, and no money to collect.  

350,000 reasons to love


 Imagine the level of response you will receive when offering a product that people actually want. The Alumni 4 Americas' Savings Network online/mobile app provides supporters access to discounts of up to 50% off, at over 350,000 top tier local and national retailers, for an entire year. Whenever they shop, eat, play or travel, they simply show their phone and save!

The $100 incentive


We provide a a $100 renewable travel voucher for every supporter to enjoy on their next hotel stay. They simply login to their exclusive travel portal and their $100 travel voucher can be applied towards their next hotel booking. Saving them hundreds if not thousand of dollars when traveling for work or pleasure!

Easy to share


We make selling a breeze! Participants simply share their campaign link with all of their family and friends via text, email and/or social media. In a matter of minutes hundreds of thousands of your potential supporters can be reached; and because the Savings Network is nationwide, participants can sell to everyone regardless of where they live. 

It is relevant


We capitalize on four ever -growing trends. Saving money (96% of Americans use coupons); Mobile apps (over 2/3 of Americans own smartphones); Text messaging (81% of Americans text regularly & have a 99% open rate); Social Media (67% of the buyer's journey is now done through social media.

Automatic funding next year


 The Alumni 4 America Savings Network delivers a level of year-round savings that will keep your supporters not only engaged but thrilled with their purchase, so when it is time to renew... they will! Because we truly believe in making fundraising easy, when they renew the following year, you automatically receive  additional funds...without doing a thing!


How it works


We provide everything

Everything is done through our turnkey, 21st century platform, making it easy for implementation.

We customize your campaign

Your fundraising campaign page will have your logo, image and video for high impact results.

Reach a wide audience

On launch date you will be amazed how easily participants are able to reach hundreds of supporters via email, text and social media, by using our built-in share buttons.

Automated transactions

Automated online and mobile transactions remove the burden of collecting money, and to make sure they know their support is appreciated we follow up with a custom "Thank You" message.

Automated instructions

Supporters receive automated instructions, making it easy for supporters to understand how to download their mobile app and access their $100 travel voucher through their online travel portal.

Full access

The fundraising director is provided full access to all transactions in real time throughout the campaign; making it easy  to see who is or isn't doing their part to reach the overall  goal.

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   From set up, to launch, to reaching your fundraising goal, we are ready to support you every step of the way. Let us show you how easy fundraising should be, we look forward to working with you! 

I'm ready

"This has been the easiest fundraiser our chapter has ever done. Our supporters seem to love the savings. I have used my app several times on everything from dining to an oil change, I'm hooked...but best of all the is the money we have raised for our scholarship fund. This fundraiser is truly a WIN-WIN"!  


Frank W. President

Director of Fundraising 

Penn State Space Coast Chapter

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