If you had a way to provide a turnkey, fully branded savings platform for your clients, one that would excite their customers, keep their employees feeling valued, and their members engaged would that appeal to you? Would it also be helpful for this 21st century marketing tool to be sustainable, 100% made in the USA, not involve any of the ill effects of the China trade war, and on the cutting edge of marketing/promotional gift giving. It is time to introduce you to a fresh new way to advertise…one that will do more for your clients than any t-shirt, pen or swag bag; a product that engages 24/7, and helps every user save more, live better and give back!

As an distributor finding a “new product” to wow your clients is a challenge, the Alumni 4 America Savings Network will do that and more! Our online and mobile year-round savings app becomes the most powerful marketing tool possible because every time their customers, employees or members show their phone and save they will be thinking of and thanking your client! 

This high impact, low cost savings network platform, provides discounts of up to 50% off at over 350,000 retailers nationwide, for an entire year. Regardless of where their target market lives, wherever they shop, eat, play or travel they will find significant savings on things they do every day. Every time they access the branded app and save, it will remind them how much they are appreciated and reinforce their loyalty to your client. 

To provide an even greater impact everyone receives an $100 travel voucher that can applied towards their next hotel stay. Our exclusive travel portal provides the best pricing possible, typically beating other travel booking sites, because we don’t take any commission. We can also provide additional vouchers throughout the year for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries or whatever you client wishes to celebrate. 

With the Alumni 4 America Savings Network, your clients can not only make a positive impact on their target market lives; it can also be an easy way for companies to give to a greater good. The app is easily integrated into a charitable fundraising platform as well. One thing we know is that employees and consumers feel it is important for the company they work for, or purchase from, to give back to something they care about. Charitable fundraising not only boosts employee morale and improves loyalty, it ultimately improves your clients bottom line. 



If you would like to learn more about our high impact 21st century marketing product, please fill out the form below and one of our marketing experts will be in touch. The sign up and delivery is turnkey, once you have provided the logo, colors and number of recipients we take it from there and in a matter of days we can have your clients thrilled with their powerful new marketing platform! 

We look forward to speaking with you!

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ASI 2018 State of the Industry Report

53% of the end buyers would pay more for better quality products

47% prefer products that are enviromentally friendly

37% prefer products that are Made in the USA

The Alumni 4 America Savings Network satisfys all three preferences.

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