Ann Myers is the founder and President of Fundraising Solutions Group and the Alumni 4 America Savings Network. Fundraising Solutions Group was created to bring fundraising into the 21st century by providing organizations a turnkey, sustainable way to raise all the funds they need quickly and easily. Ann created an Online/Mobile App that provides a high value, low-cost method for supporters to easily save money on things they do every day and when they travel. Perhaps more importantly, she devised a much more streamlined approach to fundraising allowing fundraisers to reach a geometrically higher number of supporters faster and more easily.

An entrepreneur right out college, receiving her Fashion Design degree and the Designer of the Year Award at the University of Missouri, Ann started her own label and design house. Developing cutting edge products in women’s contemporary & baby apparel markets and selling her unique designs to Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and boutiques nationwide. Ann received accolades for her “Touch of Love” baby massage onesie featured on Good Morning America and in USA Today and Us magazine. Managing the design, development, sales, production, and fulfillment of her products was an arduous task, but inevitably provided Ann a valuable understanding of how to successfully create and deliver “new” products to market.

As a mother of twins, Ann found a new passion when she realized the school fundraising arena was labor intensive, offering products that no one really wanted and providing margins that were not commensurate with the work they entailed. With over 25 years in product design and sales, she decided to harness her expertise and apply it to the lackluster fundraising industry. Ann took the next 6 years to create a high-value product that everyone would want, delivered on an easy to administer platform. This platform avoided door to door sales and deliveries and could reach an entire network of contacts via email or social media in a fraction of the time.

Giving back has become Ann’s purpose and is why she named the parent company 4-Good. Her goal is to positively impact the organizations she serves as well as the lives of their participants and supporters; so that at the end of the day her fundraising platform and the product provide a win-win-win for everyone involved.