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We are former students in support of America's current students.
Our National School Fundraiser, Strategic Partnerships and Programs provide the resources to make students' dreams happen.

At Alumni 4 America, we believe that life should be a win for everyone.

That's why we’ve created a fundraiser for America’s Students that benefits them, YOU and America’s Businesses. We call this winner RALLY 4 REWARDS. It’s like nothing you have ever seen; something you can truly cheer about!

The RALLY 4 REWARDS Card/App grants access to extraordinary life experiences and discounts, 24/7, for an entire year; with savings of up to 50% off on products and services most of us use everyday.

336,250 (& growing) local businesses and national brands have stepped up to the plate to reward purchasers and simultaneously support one of our greatest assets: America’s Students.

50% of each membership purchase funds students and an additional 10% is dedicated to a variety of scholarship funds.

Do you see the winning combination here? Rally 4 Rewards Supports America’s Students, Businesses and YOU!

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Throw out every fundraising notion you've ever had!

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  • Team, Squad, or other School Organization
  • Library

Our online program is easy, fun and more lucrative than all of your other fundraisers combined! Receive 50% of every membership you sell and an additional 10% will go toward scholarships.

Your supporters will be rewarded with thousands in savings on products and services they purchase every day using their Rally 4 Rewards card/app. Students and parents will be thrilled with the streamlined process - no delivery required!

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Member Feedback

The first time I used the Rally 4 Rewards card/app I covered my initial $75.00 investment. Since then, the savings just keep adding up! I tell everyone I know to spend 3 minutes, support a school, a library or a team or squad and take advantage of tremendous savings on products and services you really need and want!

Susan BinonGranite Bay, CA

I bought a card because it was a great benefit to my daughter's school and to me. I have been more than thrilled with this service. I was able to immediately save 12% on my T-Mobile bill, so the card has already paid for itself. I save 20% every time I go to one of my favorite restaurants in my area, Sharky's. I have used the card to buy tickets to my local theater at a great discount. My daughter and her friends have used the card for discounts on movie tickets. There are so many more benefits I have not even tapped into. I would highly recommend this card as it will pay for itself, and it is going to a great cause!! Thank you, Alumni 4 America!

K. DerianValley Glen, CA

As a mother of three I have been super involved with PTA and fundraising for years. I have served on many PTA boards over the years and even held a council board position. When I heard about Alumni 4 America's National School Fundraiser, I was so excited, it was like I was Cinderella and my fairy godmother was getting me ready for the ball. Rally 4 Rewards is everything I had ever wanted in a fundraiser without all the work. No product to sell because it sells itself, no money to collect, greatest percentage returned to the school, and so much more.

Patricia DavisDedicated PTA Mom