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We believe saving and giving are important, that is why the Fundraising Solutions Group created a savings network that is a win-win for everyone. We have partnered with top tier local and national brands to afford our members substantial savings wherever they live, work or travel. When members join the Alumni 4 America Savings Network they positively impact their own lives by saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars annually, but also the lives of others in their community and/or nationwide. Join our network today so together we can do more, live better and give back! 


750,000 reasons to JOIN

Our savings network is comprised of over 750,000 sought after and trusted product and service brands. Whether it is your favorite restaurant or amusement park, the odds are we have them in our network. Big discounts of up to 50% off on things you use everyday, accessed from a convenient mobile app or online. Wherever you shop, play or travel, the Alumni 4 America Savings Network has you covered.


The FREE $100 incentive

A FREE $100 travel voucher is gifted to every member to use on the next hotel stay. Our exclusive travel portal provides the best pricing possible, typically beating other travel booking sites, because we don't take any commission. To add to the potential savings, members are able to purchase additional travel vouchers at  25 cents on the dollar, making it easy to save even more when members travel for business or pleasure.

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