At Alumni 4 America, we believe that life should be a win for everyone.

If you could raise $300,000.00 just by asking your students to take
one simple action would YOU?

Schools, Teams/Squads, Libraries and Alumni Associations nationwide are taking advantage of these game changing, community building 21st century sustainable fundraising platforms, whatever level of funding needed Alumni 4 America can make it happen.

We’ve created fundraisers for America’s Students that forges an alliance between students and local businesses that is a win- win for everyone involved; students, parents, local businesses and entire communities! We call these winner’s the Business Hero Network and the Alumni 4 America Rewards Card/Mobile App. They are like nothing you have ever seen; something you can truly cheer about!

EXAMPLE: If your school has 1000 students and each student sells to just one business (a business that their family has supported for years) the opportunity to become a part of the Business Hero Network, in a matter of days the school earns approximately $300,000.00 and every family that sells a BHN will receive the top level Alumni 4 America Rewards Card/Mobile App FREE for their family to use at 336,250 (and growing) businesses nationwide, which means that wherever they go, the discount savings travels with them, with unlimited use 24/7 for an entire year, saving them thousands of dollars annually.

The Business Hero Network opportunity offers local business owners a way to elevate their name in the community, attract new customers, garner employee loyalty and best of all pitch in to empower their communities next generation of students to achieve and become America’s future business leaders.


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The Alumni 4 America Rewards Card/Mobile App grants access to extraordinary life experiences and discounts, 24/7, for an entire year; with savings of up to 50% off on products and services most of us use every day. 336,250 (& growing) local businesses and national brands have stepped up to the plate to reward purchasers and simultaneously support one of our greatest assets: America’s Students.

Your supporters will be rewarded with thousands in savings on products and services they purchase every day using their Alumni 4 America Rewards card/app. Students and parents will be thrilled with the streamlined process - no delivery required!

Up to 70%, if selected, of every purchase benefits America’s students:

  • 60% of each purchase funds the student organization
  • If selected, an additional 10% of the card value is donated to a charitable foundation supporting student’s scholarships, skill building, service awareness or safety nationwide.
  • Businesses win, parents win and most importantly students win!


Alumni 4 America's community-building platforms are exactly what inner city schools are lacking. Finally communities will have a way to provide adequate funding so students will have the educational tools needed to support their dreams!

Amber GrantMBA Financial Advisor / Former Teacher

I purchased a Business Hero Network Community Rewards from Alumni 4 America, not only as a benefit to my staff of employees as a reward for their hard work and dedication to our growing business, but also to help financially support their kid's school programs. Several schools in the Sacramento area receiving funds from this rewards platform and my employees save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, using the Alumni 4 America Rewards card/mobile app. Along with that, I can place my own discount incentives to generate more business for my practice. A win, win, win, for all!

Dr. Paul BinonDDS, MSD, Sacramento, CA

As a mother of three I have been super involved with PTA and fundraising for years. When I heard about Alumni 4 America's National School Fundraiser, I was so excited; it was like I was Cinderella and my fairy godmother was getting me ready for the ball. Alumni 4 America Rewards is everything I had ever wanted in a fundraiser without all the work. No product to sell because it sells itself, no money to collect, greatest percentage returned to the school, and so much more.

Patricia DavisKirkland, WA

What a terrific way for Alumni Associations to engage their members and significantly support their Alma mater. I bought my Alumni 4 America Rewards card to support my little brother’s school, but as a former student of the same school, I am bringing this Reward card/mobile app opportunity to my Alumni Association so we can REALLY make a difference in the lives of today's students!

Craig PatersonBrother and GBHS Alumni Association Member

I bought a card because it was a great benefit to my daughter's school and to me. I have been more than thrilled with this service. I was able to immediately save 12% on my T-Mobile bill, so the card has already paid for itself. I save 20% every time I go to one of my favorite restaurants in my area, Sharky's. I have used the card to buy tickets to my local theater at a great discount. My daughter and her friends have used the card for discounts on movie tickets. There are so many more benefits I have not even tapped into. I would highly recommend this card as it will pay for itself, and it is going to a great cause!! Thank you, Alumni 4 America!

K. DerianValley Glen, CA