Alumni 4 America is a network of Americans who believe that our greatest asset are our youth and that investing in their future is quite simply the right thing to do! Our platforms engages Alumni whether they are business owners, parents or students they ALL have an easy effective way to GIVE BACK to their Alma mater & by doing so be significantly rewarded for their actions.


Welcome to Alumni 4 America...Our Name Says it All!

Alumni Association's Nationwide now have a 21st Century Solution to their Fundraising Needs! Connect with Your Alumni, Parents & Students to Raise Millions for Scholarships and Capital Improvements!

Our 21st Century turnkey platforms provide colleges and universities nationwide a powerful way to engage your Alumni by providing them multiple tiers of benefits for supporting their Alma mater. Alumni 4 America has a solution that can literally raise millions of dollars on an annual basis, a fundraiser built on a win-win principle.



  • The Alumni 4 America Fundraiser enables you to capitalize on two ever-growing trends - Mobile Apps (over 2/3 of American adults own smartphones) Saving Money (96% Americans use coupons)
  • Unlimited savings where your alumni dine, shop, play & travel.
  • Engage ALL alumni - wherever they live nationwide.
  • Reach & engage your younger tech savvy on-the-go alumni.
  • Give alumni a reason to come back and support their Alma mater.

Increase your loyalty, your membership & profits!



  • Access to Alumni 4 America's Member Rewards platform - provides online & mobile app access to discounts of up to 50% at over 336,250 local and national products and services available 24/7, with unlimited use. (Think "Groupon" on steroids with a one time charge)
  • Access to the Business HERO Network - a digital directory to businesses owners nationwide who support America's students. The BHN provides an easy way for your alumni to support their Alma mater and at the same time advertise their products and services on a national scale.
  • Access to Alumni 4 America's Exclusive Travel Savings portal; providing discounts of up to 81% on hotels, car rentals, cruises & travel packages.

The Alumni 4 America fundraising platform capitalizes 2 ever-growing trends.

Mobile Apps (over 2/3 of American adults own smartphones)
Saving Money (96% Americans use coupons)



  • Easy implementation. Simply provide your Alumni/Supporters emails...we do the rest! (All emails are protected, never shared or used for any other purpose than for your fundraiser).
  • Our automated email system is customized to effectively speak to your audience.
  • Our expert marketing team creates the perfect message and makes sure it is shared on the right day and time.
  • We customized the purchase page with your logo, image and video for a high impact results.
  • Automated online or mobile transaction is followed up with custom Thank You message.
  • Automated instructions sent with the online and mobile app login and download information.
  • Fundraising director provided full access to all transactions in real time throughout the campaign.

"This has been the easiest fundraiser our chapter has ever done. The members seem to love the savings, I have used my app several times on everything from dining to an oil change, I'm hooked.. but best of all the money we have raised for our scholarship fund. This fundraiser is truly a WIN-WIN"."

Frank W. President/ Director of Fundraising
Penn State Space Coast Chapter